Slim Chance: Jake's Weight Loss Odyssey

7:36 Promo

A SharpyPictures Production

SharpyWorks, LLC

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The realization he needs to lose weight or die hits Jake hard.  Lying on a tiny patch of ice, unable to lift his 768 pound body, he figures a way to overcome his greatest obstacle, his insurance company’s refusal to cover the weight loss surgery his doctors say he desperately needs.

Flash forward six months, and  Jake begins the journey to lose over five hundred pounds.  Jake’s first steps couldn’t go smoother, he fasts on a liquid diet and loses the first hundred of two hundred pounds that he must lose before surgery. But following one diet slip up, Jake realizes his troubles are only beginning.  His battle with food proves to be too much and he falls prey to binges and self loathing. As Jake struggles to keep on top of seemingly impossible obligation and stress, he loses self control. A life too full, begins to burst at the seams.

Jake’s pre-diet breakneck schedule would crush the spirits of most men.  But  Jake is not most men.  He is a 3.9 honor roll student, head of multiple campus organizations, editor of two campus literary magazines, commercial artist, and drag queen extraordinaire.  Jake performs in fund raising drag shows under the name “Coco Puff.” Coco is not like any other drag queen. She is world class.  Somehow Jake and Coco have managed all this while carrying around 768 pounds.

Now, as Jake’s life unravels,  he is haunted by his fears and cravings.  Friends stage an intervention and Jake visits a psychiatrist.  For the first time, he drops a class and backs off on his drag commitments.  Free to focus on the one life and death matter at hand, he picks up his diet again.  With a supporting family and friends, Jake stands a great chance of success.  His mother received one of the first bariatric surgeries performed in the U.S.  Once tipping the scales over five hundred and fifty pounds,  she has been under two hundred for nearly twenty years. She is a very visible example, though flawed role model.

This show will follow Jake as he goes through two surgeries and loses over five hundred pounds, and finally has the cosmetic surgery to remove the remaining layers of hanging skin.  All the while, Coco Puff will move from wearing special custom made tent like dresses to shopping for dresses off the rack.  She will no longer perform sitting down.  As she has proven, because of the pounds Jake has already lost, Coco can not only lip synch, she can dance.